LDS Buying more land in SLC

Today was the day where the LDS church unveiled its plans to redevelop SLC’s Main Street Area. While I was particularly worried about the LDS owning more land in downtown than it already does, I am ok with their plans. However, the fact that the LDS church has so much interest in owning properties has me worrying about their REAL intentions behind the land purchases. Do they want to own more land so that they have MORE control of downtown?? A little known fact about SLC is that most of its residents happen to be liberal democrats, who do not practice mormonism. Most of the LDS people live in the suburbs to support their religions belief’s in family. So does the LDS church feel like its losing its headquarters and in turn felt compelled to make more and more land purchases in order to lay it’s claim on SLC? I can’t help but question the LDS church’s motivations because of a lifelong distrust for LDS people that developed in me as a young Catholic growing up in suburban Utah. I felt, and still feel, a great amount of discrimination based on my beliefs and that has in turn lead me to resent the LDS church and it’s followers. All that being said, I feel like a Harmon’s Grocery store and more residential property downtown is extremely important and very well planned. But do we need to tear down the INN at Temple Square and the Old First Security Bank? Can’t they find somehow to uses these buildings in a new way? All the uses need to be explored before you tear down pieces of Our Beautiful Cities history. Development isn’t all that is needed to bring people back downtown. People love HISTORIC buildings, Look at Europes and Asia’s top tourist destinations, Most of which are historical. You can’t go tearing down History to make way for new development, because the affect will be the opposite of which your seeking. People come downtown partly for it’s history too. You cant go making downtown more suburban to make it appealing to suburbanites.. Thats a No brainer.


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