Lets Kill to help Preserve Ok? That’s the logic at BYU

Killing animals to preserve them? Thats the rationale behind Brigham Young University’s Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum…they enlisted a TROPHY HUNTER to go to Africa and kill a endangered WhiteRhino to put on display in their LOUSY museum. Only at BYU…. haha. I dont think I even need to blog more about this…enough was said however, there is more. Apparentlythey dont want to stop there, here is a quote from the museum’s vertebrates collection manager: “I also want a hippopotamus and a life-sized giraffe. We already have an elephant,” Skidmore said. My GOD. BYU shows their intelligence… I have nothing more to add, except that I hope that museum Burns down or gets torn apart by a tornado or something. FUCK BYU http://www.sltrib.com/News/ci_7456685


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