Austin Collie, WR BYU after making his game winning touchdown catch in the so called “holy war” said this: “When you’re doing what’s right on and off the field, I think the Lord steps in and plays a part; magic happens.” Is this to imply that the 27 returned missionaires on UTAH’s football team are not righteous enough to win the “holy war”??? What a complete IDIOT. He is implying that god gives a shit about football…. GOD does not care about the BYU football games! This is why the rest of the world hates MORMONS. Many Mormons (not all, but most) think they are more righteous then the rest of the world when in all actuality, it is them who are less righteous for feeling that way. Its is not christian to believe you are BETTER than anyone else. Austin Collie and the school that encourages this behavior (BYU) should apologize. It must be because i didnt go on a mission that the Utes lost……..FUCK…. Sorry god! Ill convert and leave for my mission tomorrow so that the Utes can win their Bowl game, I suggest you BYU fans Pray that god doesnt think UCLA is more righteous… He may just step in and win the football game for the Bruins..You know, when he takes time off from all the other shit that happens on this earth, like WAR, HUNGER, POVERTY,… When God, gets some time, i’m sure he will listen to all the BYU fans prayers and deliver a bowl vistory for them…AMEN


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