Karmas a Bitch

I had alot of views regarding one of my posts on Myspace titled “Find this Ignoranus”, seems a lot of people cared about this issue, so I have some updates on that case now:, courtesy of http://www.myfoxutah.com/
Warrant issued for man in death of puppies
RIVERDALE, Utah — The 2nd District Court has issued an arrest warrant for a man police believe is responsible for abandoning 14 puppies in a trash bin. All but one of the puppies died. Police say Michael Ray Howard, 35, lives in the South Ogden-Riverdale area, but they have been unable to find him. Riverdale Police Lt. James Ebert says he hopes Howard will turn himself in, but asks that anyone with information about Howard’s whereabouts call police. The 14 puppies were found Dec. 9 wrapped in a sheet and a plastic bag in a trash bin behind a Riverdale fabric store. Officials believe 13 of the 3- to 5-week-old puppies died from the cold or suffocation. The lone survivor was adopted by a store employee, who named the pup Precious. Officials believe all the puppies were alive when dumped in the bin.
Well, At least the police now know who did it. However, we have to help find this guy. If you do find him, Dont call the police, take justice into your own hands and make the world a better place. NO MORE ANIMAL ABUSE! MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS FUCK AND SUFFOCATE AND FREEZE HIM. KARMAS A BITCH.
Sorry I cant find a Pic of the Ignoranus….

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