Vote for Huck or face Chuck!

So I was watching the Nightly News the other night after the Iowa Caucuses. I was really pleased with the results of the Iowa Caucuses, Both of the winners, I like alot. However, what caught my eye the most was during the Mike Huckabee press conference and victory speech…in the back of Huck with a big shit eating grin on his face, was none other then THE Chuck Norris!! Yeah thats right Chuck Norris…I guess Huckabee is seriously thinking that having Chuck around is helping his campaign… I wonder if they are dispatching Chuck to all the undecided voters of New Hampshire to roundhouse kick them into voting for Huck? If they aren’t they’re stupid. Chuck can be a very compelling martial artist when he needs to be, the trick with Chuck is just getting him to use those skills in a positive way…CHUCK FOR VICE PRESIDENT!!


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