The New Home for Utah’s Progressives.

Many of you have been following my updates on Twitter, I have gotten so much response on Twitter, from my updates, That I have over 500 followers, and that’s in just under a month of using Twitter! I have started this blog by popular demand, OK, OK mostly by my own demand, but you know you like opinionated people,  and no one is safe from my criticism, not even MYSELF. So stay tuned for Daily Updates and subscribe to my feeds. I choose to remain anonymous because I don’t want my identity out there in cyberspace, But I can tell you that I am a typical 25 year old Male who lives in the Avenues, I drive a Subaru like every typical Utah Liberal, and I enjoy Architecture, Urban Planning, Geography, Camping, Technology, Biking, Hiking, Snowboarding and the Jazz, Angels and Utes. Also, I am my own worst critic, but I appreciate all feedback and response to or on Twitter @UtahProgressive.


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