Trooper assaulted during traffic stop

Arrest » Unruly truck passenger bites officer, hits him with her shoe

By Melinda Rogers

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 04/26/2009 07:11:29 AM MDT

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper was taken to the hospital Saturday evening after he was assaulted by a woman who bit him and hit him over the head with her shoe during a traffic stop in Salt Lake City.

The trooper pulled over a truck at 1800 W. North Temple about 7 p.m. and discovered the vehicle was stolen, said Jeff Nigbur, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety.

As the trooper tried to arrest a passenger in the truck, she became “extremely belligerent and would not cooperate,” Nigbur said. The trooper used a Taser on the woman, but it did not subdue her, Nigbur said.

The woman then bit the officer and hit him over the head with her shoe. The trooper was able to recover and used his baton to try to get the woman under control, Nigbur said.

That didn’t work and a second officer who arrived at the scene directed a K-9 at the woman. The dog took her down, but she got up and tried to fight with the officers again, Nigbur said.

The second officer then deployed another Taser, which finally worked to contain the woman, Nigbur said. She was arrested at the scene.

Another person who was in the truck with her initially ran from the scene, but later was arrested.

The trooper suffered cuts to his head and was transported to the hospital as a safety precaution, Nigbur said, but is expected to be fine.


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