Since When Does Salt Lake have a “South Side”

D.U.P Comments

Ok, I grew up in West Jordan on app. 90th south and Old Bingham Highway, never did we ever call ourselves South Sider’s, Haha! But obviously from this story their are people claiming South Side, The DUP thinks this is a good thing, anything to defer from the stupid east/west divide is great! ; ) But since when do kids attending Valley drive Lincoln Navigators? Are American cars that far in the dump?

Drive-by shooting results in charges

By Erin Alberty

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 04/27/2009 09:52:39 PM MDT

Two teens have been charged in a drive-by shooting in which one person was hit by a bullet in the arm in January.

Two groups of teens got into an argument at Valley High School in South Jordan on Jan. 15, according to charges filed Monday. After the principal intervened, the groups left in two vehicles, a silver sports utility vehicle and a Lincoln Navigator.

At 11000 South Jordan Gateway, the silver vehicle pulled up to the Navigator. An 18-year-old passenger in the silver vehicle pulled out a gun, yelled “South Side!” and fired four rounds, striking one of the Navigator’s passengers in the arm, police wrote.

The bullet entered the victim’s bicep and exited his forearm, “causing serious nerve damage,” police wrote.

A witness said the shooter earlier had said he wanted to “spray” the Navigator with bullets.

The accused driver was charged Monday with obstructing justice and three counts of felony discharge of a firearm, all third-degree felonies. The accused shooter was charged last week with the same charges, plus second-degree felony simple assault.


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