Why Meghan McCain Bugs Me


Meghan McCain bugs me. That being said, That does not mean that I don’t applaud her for her stands on things like homosexuality, stem cell research and global warming. Its not that she’s a Republican that bugs me. I’m a Progressive, I believe in Bi Partisan and moderate legislation, so I’m willing to like candidates from other strains. So what could I have against her right? I know what you’re thinking, She went to a prep school,  Then Columbia, But No No No that’s not it either. I mean she’s hot, she even Twitters, blogs; She’s socially progressive, and she writes for one of my favorite news sources, The Daily Beast. She has everything going for her. But, the thing that bugs me about Meghan is that she’s taken all these socially progressive issues and tried to act like they can apply to the Republican base.

The aforementioned social issues have, and always will be tenets of the Democratic Party. I admire her for her charm, But what she is really trying to do is swing the Republican party back to moderate politics and launch herself into the political sphere. The one thing that Miss Meghan does not understand is that the Republican “base” has been, and will always be, the party for the Rich, Privledged, Under Educated, and Racist. It is an Old White mans network Meghan. Have no doubts that these Republicans are not like Lincolns Republicans. I think that is proven; Lincolns principles would fall more in line with the current Democratic Party if you ask me, but that point can be argued endlessly. The problem with these Republicans is that they have a proven track record of failing. Four years of the first Bush Administration and we decided not to re elect him, “read my lips” however, Best tag line ever in a campaign, Ill give him that. Then, we had 8 years of a Democrat in office who, all the while trying to fight off the Republican smear campaigns, actually turned over a Surplus to the next Bush so he could eventually squander it in what will become one of the worst 8 year presidencies in the history of the United States. The people that put HIM into office Meghan, Your base, Is the reason this country is in the tank right now and the reason the Republicans are in the tank now too. Because those people voted an incompetent president into office TWO times, We’re all seeing global economic recessions. Meghan, You’re fighting a losing battle, You will never be able to reshape these peoples MINDS, Its time to stop trying, Join the party you really belong to, The Democrats.


Chanse R. Frenette

Contributor The D.U.P.

P.S. with news of Arlen Specter Switching sides, this could be an even better move for you now Meghan..Jump off the ship before it sinks..


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