The D.U.P.’S 1st annual Calling out list for May 09

The Daily Utah Progressive is starting its first in a series of annual Calling Out Lists. A list of individuals related to Utah, Salt Lake, or Progressive Politics that need to be called out. Sort of like a Shit list for us Progressives. First on the list, Congressman Jim Matheson.

Jim Matheson, Utah’s only “democratic” representative of the state, makes the top of the list for his lack of support for the Matthew Shepard Act H.R. 1913. A hate crimes bill that already passed the house last week. Although, he did eventually vote aye for the legislation, it came under huge pressure. In particular, from the HRC, who launched an email campaign to voters in Utah, urging them to call Rep. Matheson. It seems to have done the trick, but why does something like this warrant so much pressure? You are a Democrat Jim, And you are not only the representative for your district, but for all of the Democrats in this state. Its time to start voting like one, Let’s not even get into your energy policies. You are a FAUX Democrat, you have big power money flowing into your campaign, and it comes from sitting on the house energy committee. Rep. Matheson, I am a Blue Dog Democrat, but that is no reason to not vote for comprehensive energy reform. You once made me proud to be a blue dog, but now I think you are a scar to our name. Washington has changed you.

Next Up: Carlos Boozer, Stay Tuned Progressives…


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