More Jim Matheson Pressure

Woke up this morning to check the many daily emails I receive from various news sources and committees etc and I was flooded with 6 emails from various Progressive orgs urging Utah’s “Faux” Democrat to vote his PARTY line:

Dear MoveOn member,

Later today, President Obama will sit down with your representative, James Matheson, and other key lawmakers who are about to vote on his clean energy jobs plan.1

The plan is in jeopardy, because some Democrats are helping Republicans protect Big Oil and Coal—they’re trying to weaken standards for solar and wind power. Obama will be urging both conservative and progressive Democrats to pass a strong clean energy jobs bill.

But he can’t turn the tide by himself: We can strengthen Obama’s hand in this meeting by making sure phones are ringing off the hook in congressional offices with overwhelming public support for Obama’s plan.

Can you ask Rep. Matheson to support and strengthen the clean energy jobs bill?

Representative James Matheson
Phone: 202-225-3011

Here are some points you might want to make when you speak to his staff:

  • Please support and strengthen the clean energy jobs bill.
  • We need strong standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Polluters should pay their fair share to build a clean energy economy, so we need a 100% auction system.2
  • And please oppose any new coal plants.

Then, please report your call by clicking here:

If the bill gets watered down now, it’ll be really hard to strengthen it later. We need to act now to make sure a strong bill reaches the House floor.
Conservative opponents are hiding behind bogus charges of higher utility bills. In reality, clean energy means much lower utility bills down the road. And millions of new, high-paying jobs right now.3

Can you call Rep. Matheson today?

Representative James Matheson
Phone: 202-225-3011

Please click here to let us know you called:

Thanks for all you do.–Adam, Laura, Lenore, Noah and the rest of the team

But Shortly After received this:

Dear DUP,

Last week, when the House passed the Matthew Shepard Act in a bipartisan vote of 249 to 175, we moved one step closer to federal hate crimes protections.

With the active support of President Obama and Attorney General Holder, we have our best chance ever to secure enactment of this important legislation.

Rep. Jim Matheson voted “Yes”, despite intense pressure from the radical right with their claims that the legislation is “pro-child molester” and makes “pedophiles a protected class.” Voting “Yes” took courage.

During debate over the legislation, Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) sunk to a new low when she claimed on the House floor that the brutal hate crime that took Matthew Shepard’s life was a “hoax.” And she said it in front of Matthew’s mother.

Matthew’s mother Judy, a longtime champion of the legislation and an HRC board member, spoke out in the national media in response to Foxx’s outrageous claim. See Judy on Rachel Maddow here.

Our lawmakers need to know that they have our full support when they stand up for equality, especially in the face of this kind of opposition. They need to know we’re watching.

Thank-you messages mean a lot to legislators: they show that constituents are engaged, and they make lawmakers that much more responsive when we need their help again.

When you thank your representative you’re not only helping us build momentum for the Matthew Shepard Act, you’re laying the groundwork for the next fight.

Want to make even more of an impact? Make a quick call to Rep. Matheson’s office at (202) 225-3011. Tell them you’re calling to thank the representative for voting “Yes” on the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act.

The staffer will take down your name and thank you for calling, and you’ve done your good deed for the day!

Thank you for all your help!


Joe Solmonese

.Just one question Jim, Why am I receiving these on a daily basis?! Now is the time to come together for progressive change and we need everyone on board, especially those in our OWN party, so Get on board, for gods sake, so I can at least stop getting the emails….


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