Sponsors Dropping Glenn Beck

So The Glenn Beck Show, which airs on the Faux News channel, has lost 12 sponsors due to his irresponsible “Obama is a racist” comment. All I can say is, Wow, the power of advertising campaigns! This particular campaign was spearheaded by Color of Change .Org. Urged on by what they deem is race baiting, the group called members and urged them to write,call and email the advertisers of Beck’s show, and it worked! Thank god! What Becks doing; getting the lunatic fringe of this country all fired up and ready to kill, then quickly trying to disassociate himself from the resulting violence it causes; is dangerous, I truly fear for Obama’s life. If you are one of these people; a “tea bagger”, or a “birther”; you are choosing to be on the wrong side of history. Much like the people who feared a Catholic president, JFK, only far, far worse. Because Obama is half black it would seem these people are much more crazed then those opposed to Catholics in the past.
On a Sidenote, I heard a nasty rumor somewhere that Glenn Beck is LDS. If this is true, its more bad news for The LDS Church. Everyone in their right mind is dis associating with Beck as quick as a bunch of homos forming a “kiss in” event. 12 sponsors is a HUGE deal. These aren’t little sponsors either, they are fortune 500 companies. Not Sham Wow or Oxy Clean commercials, we’re talking Proctor Gamble, Con Agra and Geico commercials. This is a BIG deal and should serve as an example of how to handle these things in the future. You can thank Color of Change by signing their campaign on their web site : www.colorofchange.org/beck/


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