Sunday August 16 Blog entry

Today was filled with activity for me. I woke up to the sound of my fiancée cleaning the house, I had three missed phone calls and dozens of missed emails. I always wake up and check my touch before doing anything, checking to see all my narcissistic
means of communication with the world. I check Tweetie right after I check my emails. Before I can even wipe the sleep out of my eyes, I’m already communicating with thousands of random people, and some personal friends and family too. I can’t control it, it is like an addiction.
After having toast and farm fresh eggs for breakfast I sat and drank my coffee and read some news for a couple of hours. I read, a lot. A lot of information every single day, it becomes monotonous, like a chore. Work has become a burden for me, I feel like I’m am too good for it. Like I should be sitting at home reading news sites and blogs rather then sitting here at an office working for the “Man”. It’s an awful feeling, but it’s how I feel.
Anyways, we took Berkeley to some friends of ours who were throwing a house party. He absolutely loved it there, mostly because of all the kids. He’s a very social dog, he has to go up and sniff and say hi to everyone. I’ve just stopped trying to change him; let him keep his bubbly little attitude on life. Shit, I envy the dog, he’s so happy. Who am I to try and change him? He should be the one changing me…
The party was great and we had a great time, but we had to leave and come down to the burbs to have dinner at my moms house. I hate driving all the way down there… We moved some stuff and did some work for my mom. Set up her new flat screen, oozing with jealousy… She doesn’t even watch Ute football and I’m stuck watching it on an ole analog tv, thats if I’m lucky enough to even have the random channel they play it on…But it’s her money I guess. I just got home and now I’m heading to bed. Good night all, until tomorrow.



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