Utah News-Crime Links August 17, 2009


* Man assaults family when UNO game goes bad, police say
By Scott Sherman
The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 08/17/2009 04:54:45 PM MDT
An Orem man whose luck ran out in a game of UNO was arrested for aggravated assault after police say he smacked a 64-year-old woman and then threatened her husband with a large kitchen knife.
The 58-year-old man, who had been drinking, was playing cards in his home about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday with his 47-year-old nephew and the nephew’s wife near 400 East and 1800 South.
He became agitated and smacked the woman on the back of the head. When his nephew told him to stop, the man reached up to do it again, said Orem police Lt. Gary Downey.
The couple decided to leave and gathered their belongings. The man grabbed his nephew’s arm and punched him, Downey said. The nephew pushed the man, and the two continued fighting.
When the nephew was walking out the door to leave, his uncle shoved him in the back. The 47-year-old turned to see his uncle standing in the doorway holding a large kitchen knife.
Downey said the uncle was threatening him with the knife and ordering the pair to leave.
Police arrested the man on suspicion of aggravated assault, as well as for three outstanding warrants of aggravated assault, simple assault and driving under the influence.

*Woman in Cottonwood Heights stabbed to death
By Sheena Mcfarland And Nate Carlisle
The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 08/17/2009 04:38:34 PM MDT

A Cottonwood Heights woman has been stabbed to death, and police suspect her husband.
At 10:50 a.m., Cottonwood Heights police received a call from a man in Maryland, saying he had received an e-mail from his friend in Utah who said he had stabbed his wife.
Police arrived at the duplex on 2192 E. Fort Union Blvd. and knocked for about a minute before Dennis Wayne Lambdin, 60, answered the door. Police arrested him immediately and then found the 41-year-old woman stabbed to death inside the home, said Beau Babka of the Cottonwood Heights Police Department.
Lambdin, 60, had wounds on his palm consistent with stabbing someone and having the hand slide down the blade, said Police Chief Robby Russo.
Police previously had responded to calls at the residence, mostly for arguments, and had never arrested anyone, Babka said. There was one call a month ago and another on Aug. 11.
The man was taken to the hospital for stitches and will be moved to the jail for questioning. He likely will be booked on suspicion of murder, Babka said.
Babka said Lambdin has a 1995 conviction for sexual assault in Michigan, but he didn’t know the details of that case.
This is the first homicide investigated by the newly formed Cottonwood Heights Police Department.
ncarlisle @sltrib.com

*Two brothers stabbed in fight; attacker in critical condition

By Jason Bergreen

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 08/17/2009 10:00:03 AM MDT

Two brothers were stabbed Sunday night when they got into a fight with another man near 700 West and 200 South, Salt Lake City police reported.
The 52-year-old man and his 47-year-old brother were taken to the hospital in serious condition after the fight broke out about 9:10 p.m.
Police said the brothers were “socializing” with another man when the fight occurred. The man pulled out a folding knife and stabbed the 47-year-old in the chest. When his brother tried to intervene he was stabbed in the neck.
The older brother was able to fend off the attacker by hitting him several times in the head with a large rock. The attacker was taken to a hospital in critical condition with head injuries, police reported.

*Police look for 5 men after home invasion in S. Salt Lake

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 08/17/2009 08:14:35 AM MDT

South Salt Lake police say a group of five men barged into an apartment near 3100 South and 230 East on Sunday just before midnight, KSL News reported Monday. One man was carrying a shotgun, while another was armed with a pistol, the report said.
“We don’t know what they did, who did what. We just know that there were five men, two were armed,” Sgt. Matt Budd from the South Salt Lake Police Department told KSL.
The two armed men held the two residents on the floor inside the apartment at gunpoint while the three other intruders took TVs, computers, and other items out of the house. After everything was loaded up, the five men then jumped into two different vehicles and took off, Budd said.
Police say after the men left the two victims called 911 and reported what had happened. Police began looking for the intruders, but they say they had very limited information about them.
According to KSL, police say neither of the two men in the apartment was injured by the intruders.


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