Why I’m so against THIS Public Safety Bldg…And Becker Too

Over the past couple of months I have been pretty harsh to Mayor Becker on my Twitter. You’d think I’d take more flack for it then I really do, but to be honest, no one really cares. I don’t know if that’s because he’s not so popular anymore (he’s not) or if its because no one really cares about my twitter babble. I’m probably right to assume the latter, but I’ll rant on anyways.
Mayor Becker I think you personally, are a good person. I know the employees of the city really do enjoy working for you as opposed to working for Rocky. I know my love affair with Rocky, has yet to be made clear on this blog, so rest assured, I love Rocky and I don’t really give a shit what anyone says or thinks. However, I know most of the employees of the city really despised working for Rocky towards the end of his last term. I think maybe they are just feeling refreshed by a new administration that is vastly different then Rocky’s was. Also, its really cool that the dude bikes to work. But he’s biking to work on streets with no bike lanes, I personally have witnessed this! I find that Ironic for some reason. You see the city hasn’t become anymore bicycle friendly then it used to be. Mayor Ralph Becker is a cyclist. I would expect to see that in some new bike lanes and more bike parking and more campaigning to get people on bikes, etc. We need to be like Portland, not like L.A. What I see now, is a city sprawled out and smogged up by car friendly cities and light rail stations speckled one after the other like one huge blur. The Suburbs of Salt Lake are growing absolutely ridiculous; With Trax going out through the Jordan’s to DayBreak, And also lines to Draper, West Valley, & SLC International. That is huge, no doubt. Adding to the sprawl nature, that this valley has taken in my opinion. Lets hope they make those UTA stations Biker friendly and go through with a Bike rental deal like Portland and other cities are currently considering. But I wont hold my breath.
Ahh, ok we covered some of the disdain, Let’s move on to this public safety building. First off, I love SLFD and SLPD so let’s just leave them out of this for now. My issue is not with any police/fire men or women who risk their lives to help others. I do believe you honestly deserve some better digs. What I don’t believe in is raising taxes in this time when money is already an issues in most homes. You think “oh it’s just another 75 bucks a year” well that’s on top of all the other taxes we are paying. Now I’m not going to pretend to know the specifics, I’m a renter. So maybe I have no right to say anything since I own no property in Salt Lake City, Its not me that I am concerned about at all. I wouldn’t be on here ranting about 75 dollars, shit, I rang up a 75 dollar tab at the Beerhive (Beerhive, you can pay me by PayPal anytime) the other day in 2 hours. I’m pretty sure I could find 75 bucks to help fund a Public Safety building somewhere. That’s because I’m lucky enough to have a fucking job; I know plenty of people who don’t have a job, or who have taken a part time job, a second job or, a job for less pay and less qualifications. These are the people I’m concerned about. The people out west of the freeway there, you know the “westside”. That little neglected place is full of regular working people just trying to hold on to their homes because money has become so tight. 75 dollars is a big deal to these people.
Not too get all advocate on you there, but that’s one side of the issue, don’t take it lightly. But why Mr. Becker were you so sneaky with your initial “chosen spot”? Yeah, Sure, you back peddled (Pun Intended) right out of it as quickly as you could, But that doesn’t change the fact that you tried to get the public to approve a bond for $125 MILLION dollars with NO public input! In probably the city’s most beloved public square! You can’t hide from it, I WONT let you. You aren’t the man I voted for or believed in. Did you have to drag SLPD and SLFD into the middle of this? Make me seem like an asshole because I’m against something the public had little to no input on. The little input we did give was basically choosing between sites THEY chose. There are TONS of Buildings we can move these guys into real quick and cheap. Salt Lake is full of them. FILL one before you tear one down for a change, I thought you were an Urban Planner, but you govern like a Developer..
There, I’m finished. I want to say one again, I am sure Ralph is a wonderful person and I believe he is a genuinely good guy, He just made one HUGE mistake. .
One term Ralph, enjoy.

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One comment

  1. Janell

    Well put.
    It’d be nice to see some of the changes around the city he talked about in the past. Hopefully he’ll pick up his slack. I would like to hear more from him, he’s pretty quiet. I guess he seems quieter because Rocky was so outspoken;)

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