Gran Torino


I always hate it when people talk about movies that are years old, Like we all should’ve just saw it or something. I tend to stay away from movie theaters because my fiancé hates crowds of people. I do too, but not to the extent that she does. I rather enjoy being a mindless drone who goes into the theaters every weekend to see the formulated crap that Hollywood puts out, week after week. At least that way, I’ll have something to talk about with the other mindless drones when I go into the office on Monday. It’s funny how movies are so prevalent in American culture. We all flock to see the next shitty sequels and remakes without even thinking about why. What is it about movies that gets to Americans? I think, its mostly because its the laziest form of entertainment we have. We American’s work hard, and when we get some time off work, we don’t want to do shit. Maybe just get some wine or a beer and relax and enjoy television. There’s nothing wrong with that, its just not me though. I’d much rather be in front of my Mac Book then in front of a television, although, most people of my generation are using the internet for everything, including television and movies. If it weren’t for the Jazz I wouldn’t even have a satellite. I just signed up for Netflix, and it’s great. I love having TV on DVD delivered right to my door. I’m deciding to get all the movies I’ve wanted to see the last 2 years, but my fiancé wouldn’t go out to the theaters with me, so the first one on my queue was Gran Torino.

Damn, Clint Eastwood is a hell of an actor, but he also directed and produced this flick. He was directing his real life sons too, Both of them participated in the film. Clint and one of his sons also helped write the song that was nominated for an academy award. So basically, Clint had his full stamp on this film. It shows; This is a quality film. I cannot believe this movie was over looked for many awards. Clint should have won best Actor for his performance in this film, period. He didn’t but you should check it out if you haven’t already, Best movie I have seen in a while.


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