Watching the Jazz Game while I surf the …

Watching the Jazz Game while I surf the web..and in between coats of paint on the new house’s hallway. Putting Crystal Door Knobs on all the doors in the hallway too, class it up. I only want to spend about 2 years here but who know’s how long we’ll stay. The trick is to fix it up as thrifty as possible and make huge $ in return. So we are keeping the update modest, while still putting little touches on the things that sell a house. We have all brand new matching appliances, washer and dryer..we are pretty happy and comfortable. I am also enjoying this neighborhood more and more.Rose Park truly doesnt fit it’s stereotype. Its a charming little place, the winding streets and big tree’s make for a family friendly neighborhood. And SLC needs more affordable housing. So people…look out west of the freeway, you wont regret it. We have a 1900 square foot brick home here.. We only spent 149,880 too. Our neighbors are young yuppies like us but with children. We are investing in it’s future. I believe more and more people will choose to live closer to work in the next century. A new Urbanism…At least, I hope..


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