Emails From My Grandma. Day 5 :




When Obama stopped in at Master Lock in Milwaukee Wisconsin last week, he was walking the plant and stopped to talk with a plant employee.

He looked up at the banner hanging on the wall and said to the workers and people around him, “It is great to be in a union shop, especially one as old as this union is ” – – — pointing to the banner. He then said, “A union shop since 1848” – – – and then he went on to talk about what that banner stood for and how important it was to display it and show your union support.

The worker then said to Obama that it was the flag of the State of Wisconsin – – which was founded in 1848. DUH! This was only reported by a local radio station in Milwaukee (1130AM) and not by the major news networks – – – they didn’t want to embarrass this “got no freaking’ clue” President!

Since they didn’t do their job of reporting on this presidential visit, the only way for the news to get around is by us – on the Internet.
Do your job; I just did mine, so voters will know what really happened here and just HOW BRIGHT THIS PRESIDENT REALLY IS !!!??? NOT!!

Can you just imagine the national media coverage of this incident had it been Romney, or, heaven forbid, Bush making the samew mistake? Instead we get nothing but collusive silence. These so-called “News people” might just as well be on the DNC payroll.



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