Religious right, you’re moving to Canada if Obama gets reelected?

Yeah, Good luck with that..




    • utahprogressive

      Lace, You’re Canadian right? Do you ever cringe when people say stuff like that? “NOOOO, We don’t want you here!” Haha, I’m Quebecois by heritage, so I love Canada.

      • Lace

        Hahaha, funny you ask. I’m actually American and I married a Canadian, but we do live outside Toronto. I happen to be pretty liberal politically and always meet opposition from my friends and family. I don’t know how many times Ive heard my republican friends bellyache and say they’re headed for Canada. I’d LOVE to have them here…so I could expose them to some real liberalness! Hehehe. Americans, we’re so spoiled and we don’t even realize it.

      • Lace

        The cultures are so similar when it comes to daily life that some times I forget that I am in Canada. But I get pretty homesick some days and Seattle feels (and actually is) freaking far away!

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