Emails From My Grandma : FW: Hail Mary

Hail Mary
Years ago a church group passed a framed picture of

The Virgin Mary from house to house.

According to the legend surrounding the picture,

This same picture had been passed from house to

House since 1938 and was passed through the 2nd

World war, in secret for fear of confiscation,

Discovery, and retaliation from the enemy.

To add to the mystery of the picture it was

Passed on by only one person. You gave it

To that person and requested it be passed on

To….and you would name the person. This

Was the way it was handled through the years,

The idea being to protect the people receiving

The picture.


Mary! Full of Grace!!

The Lord is with Thee: Blessed

Art Thou among women, and

Blessed is the Fruit of Thy

Womb, Jesus!
Holy Mary, Mother of God: Pray for us sinners,

Now, and at the hour of our death.





Keep the Blessed Mother moving from house  to house..


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