A Connecticut man called 911 on Wednesday to report a deli was making his sandwich wrong. “I specifically asked for, um, little um, turkey, and little, um, ham and a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise,” he told the dispatcher. “And they are giving me a hard time so I was wondering if you could stop by…” The dispatcher responds incredulously: “You’re calling 911 because you don’t like the way they’re making your sandwich?” His response? “Exactly.”

The man, who gives his name as Rother McLennon, called from the Grateful Deli in East Hartford, according to CBS NY. He was advised by the flummoxed dispatcher not to buy the sandwich and to leave the store. But that was not the end of the conversation. McLennon went on about his sandwich woes for approximately two minutes. The problem, you see, is that McLennon frequents the joint, and he…

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