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The progress of Trolley Square 4/15/10

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From Delta to Glendale…WTF?

This fool, shot an unsuspecting cop during a routine traffic stop in Millard County Utah. He is only 5’7 and a buck thirty (130lbs). If you see him, you can probably take him one on one. It’s like fighting your little sister. So he knew he had to avoid any confrontation with this female officer and just decided to shoot her point-blank. Now, I’m not an over zealous cop lover…Hardly. But this is just cowardly. He deserves a cruel death. This Liberal is a HUGE fan of a properly used death sentence. In this instance and any incident regarding sexual/violent abuse of children. I’m sorry friends, but there’s some shit done on this Earth that just doesn’t warrant any sympathy. Evil, TRULY exists on this earth, and although I’m not religious, I know it exists. You all do.

Original tweet : →_→ 5’7 130 lbs? No wonder the fool packs guns. My thoughts r with the Greathouse Fox Family. RIP “Deputy fatally shot” http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=9235186

Utah News – Crime Links August 19, 2009

Kind of a slow day in Utah News today…But I think I can make do with what I have..
All Links are courtesy of Salt Lake’s Oldest Non Mormon propaganda machine : The Salt Lake Tribune

Only in America do we actually give our prisoners 2 years off of their sentencing, just so we can give them medical care.. Yet, I still pay $400 a month just to have $50 co pays?? Health Care Reform PLEASE! Our prisoners have better care!
Price man gets hit with Dateline type solicitation of sex sting.

Ahh, seems to be a daily headline : “Millard High teacher pleads guilty in sex case”

God, I FUCKING hate Chris Buttars! Health care reform now! Everyone I know, You know, and Your mom knows, wants Health Care Reform. These Ladies had some great zingers for Buttars though, check out : “Utah lawmakers debate federal healthcare reform”

Always, Always WEAR a Fucking helmet! It’s not you that you have to worry about, its the other stupid fucks : “Cyclist hurt in collision with car in Sugar House”

This is why you NEVER let your kids play Dungeons and Dragons god damnit!

Wiseguys Trolley Square Grand Opening Friday, April 24

From SaltLakeCityWeekly
Friday, April 24
By Jennifer Heaney

Rejoice, Salt Lake City, for your prayers have been answered! Wiseguys Comedy Café is opening its latest location at Trolley Square, and there’s a full bar inside! Not only can you enjoy your comedy with a real drink or five, but there’s also a restaurant downstairs that you can eat at before the show. Or you can just order from the menu and eat while you watch the comedians. Finally, a comedy club in Utah set up the right way.

There’s a gleam in owner Keith Stubb’s eye when he talks about the new location. Stubbs has put his heart and soul into the Trolley Square Wiseguys—which, by the way, will be in the old Hard Rock Café building. Stubbs named the downstairs restaurant Poundcake after one of his own stand-up routines and is extremely excited about the newest addition to his chain.

To help start things off with a bang, Stubbs has booked local favorite Marcus (pictured) as his headliner for opening weekend, and he has big plans for booking more well-known comics, including Greg Giraldo and Dave Attell. “I’ve got Attell booked for May,” Stubbs says. “We’ll have to see if I’ve got enough room in the Trolley Square location. The West Valley Wiseguys holds more seats right now, so we might have to put him there.”

Will this be the end of Trolley Square’s sad, quiet walkways? With Wiseguys coming in, Trolley Square may experience the revival it needs and deserves.

Marcus @ Wiseguys Comedy Café Trolley Square, 505 S. 600 East, 801-532-5233, Friday, April 24th, shows at 8 & 10 p.m., WiseguysComedy.com