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Ahh The Irony continues

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From Delta to Glendale…WTF?

This fool, shot an unsuspecting cop during a routine traffic stop in Millard County Utah. He is only 5’7 and a buck thirty (130lbs). If you see him, you can probably take him one on one. It’s like fighting your little sister. So he knew he had to avoid any confrontation with this female officer and just decided to shoot her point-blank. Now, I’m not an over zealous cop lover…Hardly. But this is just cowardly. He deserves a cruel death. This Liberal is a HUGE fan of a properly used death sentence. In this instance and any incident regarding sexual/violent abuse of children. I’m sorry friends, but there’s some shit done on this Earth that just doesn’t warrant any sympathy. Evil, TRULY exists on this earth, and although I’m not religious, I know it exists. You all do.

Original tweet : →_→ 5’7 130 lbs? No wonder the fool packs guns. My thoughts r with the Greathouse Fox Family. RIP “Deputy fatally shot” http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=9235186

Gran Torino


I always hate it when people talk about movies that are years old, Like we all should’ve just saw it or something. I tend to stay away from movie theaters because my fiancé hates crowds of people. I do too, but not to the extent that she does. I rather enjoy being a mindless drone who goes into the theaters every weekend to see the formulated crap that Hollywood puts out, week after week. At least that way, I’ll have something to talk about with the other mindless drones when I go into the office on Monday. It’s funny how movies are so prevalent in American culture. We all flock to see the next shitty sequels and remakes without even thinking about why. What is it about movies that gets to Americans? I think, its mostly because its the laziest form of entertainment we have. We American’s work hard, and when we get some time off work, we don’t want to do shit. Maybe just get some wine or a beer and relax and enjoy television. There’s nothing wrong with that, its just not me though. I’d much rather be in front of my Mac Book then in front of a television, although, most people of my generation are using the internet for everything, including television and movies. If it weren’t for the Jazz I wouldn’t even have a satellite. I just signed up for Netflix, and it’s great. I love having TV on DVD delivered right to my door. I’m deciding to get all the movies I’ve wanted to see the last 2 years, but my fiancé wouldn’t go out to the theaters with me, so the first one on my queue was Gran Torino.

Damn, Clint Eastwood is a hell of an actor, but he also directed and produced this flick. He was directing his real life sons too, Both of them participated in the film. Clint and one of his sons also helped write the song that was nominated for an academy award. So basically, Clint had his full stamp on this film. It shows; This is a quality film. I cannot believe this movie was over looked for many awards. Clint should have won best Actor for his performance in this film, period. He didn’t but you should check it out if you haven’t already, Best movie I have seen in a while.

Utah News – Crime Links August 19, 2009

Kind of a slow day in Utah News today…But I think I can make do with what I have..
All Links are courtesy of Salt Lake’s Oldest Non Mormon propaganda machine : The Salt Lake Tribune

Only in America do we actually give our prisoners 2 years off of their sentencing, just so we can give them medical care.. Yet, I still pay $400 a month just to have $50 co pays?? Health Care Reform PLEASE! Our prisoners have better care!
Price man gets hit with Dateline type solicitation of sex sting.

Ahh, seems to be a daily headline : “Millard High teacher pleads guilty in sex case”

God, I FUCKING hate Chris Buttars! Health care reform now! Everyone I know, You know, and Your mom knows, wants Health Care Reform. These Ladies had some great zingers for Buttars though, check out : “Utah lawmakers debate federal healthcare reform”

Always, Always WEAR a Fucking helmet! It’s not you that you have to worry about, its the other stupid fucks : “Cyclist hurt in collision with car in Sugar House”

This is why you NEVER let your kids play Dungeons and Dragons god damnit!

Utah News-Crime Links August 16, 2009

This will be a daily thing. Usually Ill post these on Twitter, and I still will. These are not only for comedy reasons but for serious reasons as well. I want to focus on these issues in Utah for a couple reasons really; One, To shed light on what gets little coverage in the Utah press. Two, ensure that Utahans know that all is not peechy keen here. We have the same problems of any other metropolitan our size, yet it is well hidden and under the surface. So with that said, here goes for today:

*Burglars steal chihuahua; reward offered


Two injured in gang-related Ogden shooting

Updated: 08/15/2009 08:44:38 PM MDT

Two people were injured in a gang-related shooting in Ogden Saturday afternoon.
Ogden police responded to 531 28th Street at 4:18 p.m. after a report of a “run-by shooting,” said Ogden Police Lt. Scott Sangberg.
Sangberg said five men were sitting on a couch in a driveway when another man walked up, pulled out a .22-caliber handgun and fired at least five to six shots at the men on the couch.
A 21-year-old man and 36-year-old man were hit with bullets, Sangberg said.
A bullet deflected off the 21-year-old’s “gang-banger” belt, striking him in the butt, Sangberg said. The 36-year-old was hit in the left calf and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.
Neither injury is life-threatening, Sangberg said.
The shooter, who police do not have a description of, ran away from the scene and jumped into a four-door car.
Ogden’s gang unit is continuing to investigate the case.
Melinda Rogers Salt Lake tribune

*Felony fugitive nabbed after low-speed chase
Crime » Parole officer tells former girlfriend to lock door and windows.

By Sheena Mcfarland
And Scott Sherman

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 08/15/2009 09:57:11 AM MDT

A fugitive sought on felony warrants for violating his parole was arrested Thursday morning after leading Salt Lake City police and Utah Highway Patrol troopers on a low-speed chase.
Officers received a call that a 48-year-old man was armed and suicidal near 350 South and 300 East, according to Salt Lake City police Sgt. Robin Snyder.
His former girlfriend, who lives in the area, received a 3:30 a.m. phone call from the man’s parole officer, warning her he may be coming to the house and for her to lock the door and windows. The ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him in August, had taken out a restraining order when he twice threatened to kill her. He had been spending time outside of her apartment, watching her since the breakup, she said. She said she was afraid because in 1996, he had barricaded himself in his home and shot his estranged wife in the thigh. The Salt Lake Tribune does not name victims of crimes.
The man’s parole officer then called police, who asked the ex-girlfriend to find a way to get the man to come to the house. She called him, saying she needed money. He arrived at the house at about 5:15 a.m., and she attempted to stop him in the middle of the road, she said. He threw $26 out of the car window when he spotted police.
A low-speed chase through the city ensued for 10 to 12 minutes, Snyder said, and then led onto southbound Interstate 15, where Utah Highway Patrol joined.
Near 3300 South and 250 West,
a UHP trooper used his car to bring the fugitive’s car to a stop. The man had a loaded gun in the car, Snyder said. He was booked into jail on a parole violation, fleeing and violation of a protective order.


*Man beaten with bat near his home

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 08/14/2009 10:54:59 PM MDT

A 25-year-old man suffered severe head injuries Friday night when a group of men kicked, punched and hit him with a baseball bat near his home.
The assault occurred around 8:50 p.m. near 4400 South and 3900 West, said West Valley City police Lt. Dalan Taylor.
The four men and a relative of the victim apparently got into a fight several days ago and the relative was arrested, Taylor said.
Friday, the same men showed up at the victim’s house and began taunting him and making threats.
When the man came outside, the group punched and kicked him and began chasing him.
Several houses down they caught him and continued to pummel him. One assailant hit him with the bat several times in the head and body, Taylor said.
The man was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Police were still looking for the suspects Friday night.
Jason Bergreen

More Glendale trouble..*Utah’s Dirty Litty Gang Secret is our on going coverage of Utah’s gang related crimes.

Shots fired from car in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 05/05/2009 09:38:26 PM MDT

Two men were in custody Tuesday after gunfire broke out from a vehicle in a Salt Lake City neighborhood. An off-duty gang detective was coaching a football game when he heard multiple shots near 1250 South and 800 West, said Salt Lake City police Lt. Melody Gray. Witnesses said two men in a vehicle opened fire on two other vehicles about 7:45 p.m. All three vehicles left the area; the suspected shooters’ car was stopped on Interstate 15 near 1500 South, and the occupants fled on foot, Gray said. One man was caught by a police dog, and the other was found hiding in a canal nearby, Gray said. As of 9 p.m., no one was reported injured in the shooting, Gray said.

–Erin Alberty