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Homer Simpson is a snake


Emails from Grandma : Notes

Emails from my Grandma was a segment I started in response to Montana’s U.S. District Chief Judge Richard Cebull’s racist email.  At that time, on Twitter, I simply stated that, ” I receive an Email like that, daily, from my Grandma.” People didn’t believe me. So I posted one, and this all began. These emails are 100% real and from MY grandma, not random Grandma’s. My Grandma is a nice, god fearing, Catholic woman who lives in Nebraska. She is my love, and I am eternally grateful for her. Each email I post, I received THAT exact day. She is a tiny example of the madness and misinformation going on in this country. I post these emails not to make fun of my grandma, but to make fun of the misinformation. It’s to highlight that these emails are started by normal and rational people, who over time, have been led to believe some crazy things. So while we may be laughing at her, it’s at no fault of her own. I love you Grandma!

From Delta to Glendale…WTF?

This fool, shot an unsuspecting cop during a routine traffic stop in Millard County Utah. He is only 5’7 and a buck thirty (130lbs). If you see him, you can probably take him one on one. It’s like fighting your little sister. So he knew he had to avoid any confrontation with this female officer and just decided to shoot her point-blank. Now, I’m not an over zealous cop lover…Hardly. But this is just cowardly. He deserves a cruel death. This Liberal is a HUGE fan of a properly used death sentence. In this instance and any incident regarding sexual/violent abuse of children. I’m sorry friends, but there’s some shit done on this Earth that just doesn’t warrant any sympathy. Evil, TRULY exists on this earth, and although I’m not religious, I know it exists. You all do.

Original tweet : →_→ 5’7 130 lbs? No wonder the fool packs guns. My thoughts r with the Greathouse Fox Family. RIP “Deputy fatally shot” http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=9235186

Some of my Twit pics that have received a lot of attention recently.

Both of these were received in emails I received from friends or family. I post them on twitpic, because that is the easiest way to share them on twitter. So don’t be mistaken these are not personally taken by ME. Some are, but these two in particular are not. As always, you can enjoy these on your own time at my TwitPic Profile. http://twitpic.com/photos/UtahProgressive

This one is way too funny, I have a cousin in Houston who is always finding these great images on the web. She sends them my way when she knows they’ll be a hit with me and mine.

Finally! Ladies, you now have a reason to watch the weather forecast..LMAO

This one has the same story. Some of you may know..I hate christmas

Absolutely Genius

I think I should get paid for all the Twitter Gold I’m putting out there for the worlds benefit too ; ) But I think this company and Kim are on to something. This is how Twitter will be making it’s money in the future. Original tweet : →_→ Wow,I gotta hand it to her and her people, this is GENIUS: Kim Kardashian Gets paid $10,000 per Tweet http://www.thefablife.com/2009-12-28/kim-kardashian-

The New Home for Utah’s Progressives.

Many of you have been following my updates on Twitter, I have gotten so much response on Twitter, from my updates, That I have over 500 followers, and that’s in just under a month of using Twitter! I have started this blog by popular demand, OK, OK mostly by my own demand, but you know you like opinionated people,  and no one is safe from my criticism, not even MYSELF. So stay tuned for Daily Updates and subscribe to my feeds. I choose to remain anonymous because I don’t want my identity out there in cyberspace, But I can tell you that I am a typical 25 year old Male who lives in the Avenues, I drive a Subaru like every typical Utah Liberal, and I enjoy Architecture, Urban Planning, Geography, Camping, Technology, Biking, Hiking, Snowboarding and the Jazz, Angels and Utes. Also, I am my own worst critic, but I appreciate all feedback and response to TheUtahProgressive@gmail.com or on Twitter @UtahProgressive.